Often Bored, Always Ridiculous

Jan 03


Kay, so I haven’t been on in AGES…..Um, well, RECENTLY, it’s cause I get distracted easy and playing DC Universe Online will do that to you if you’re like me, XD. I’m OBSSESSED with that game! It’s SO much fun! X3 I LOVE it! My highest level character is only Level 17, but still. …..I need a League. Badly. T-T   I can’t run instances because I’m ALONE. > <

ALSO: I had to stop for a bit, because if I got killed by Grundy ONE more time while running a mission to stop Ivy, I was going to create a character in the PVP channel just for the sake of taking my frustration out on some poor insignificant noobs who don’t really deserve it. -_-‘

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